The brand

Romie Su's story began in 2018.
Why this name? It's simply the combination of the first names of my daughter and my mother, the two women who are dearest to me.

Romie Su it is both meticulous and creative work, with jewelry inspired by “nature” and “vintage” fashion. They are designed and made in France, in small series.

Always passionate about jewelry and artisanal know-how, I followed professional training in jewelry making in the heart of Paris. Design, cutting, stamping, shaping, hammering, welding, polishing ... so many techniques that fascinate me and which create unique pieces in my hands, shaped by passion and emotion.

I like to tell the story of a jewel . I also like to travel and discover niche designers to offer exclusive and unique pieces to my customers.

I draw inspiration from my Asian roots and my numerous travels to mix and create unique collections, composed of materials from various origins (Chinese freshwater pearls, English fabric, Japanese silk cord...French gold plated ).

Romie Su jewelry is contemporary and easy to wear. I want my jewelry to be accessible to everyone while preserving quality (gold plated, natural materials and semi-precious stones).

Some of my models are customizable. Just send me a private message on Instagram @romiesu_paris or by email at 

See you soon :)